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The fifth edition of the FIBER Festival took place online and in a physical form, broadcasted from the Brakke Grond in Amsterdam. Replay five sessions that offer a multitude of perspectives on climate change.

Replay the two-day lecture programme; an international meeting place for those interested in boundary pushing artistic making, thinking and performing.

• Session 1: Becoming Unstable
• Session 2: Posthuman Territories
• Session 3: Sensing Place
• Session 4: Radical Streams
• Session 5: Systems of Support


The Instability Stream was the online screening programme of FIBER Festival 2020. It ran on Friday 25 September and Saturday 26 September, and entailed artists’ statements, experimental films and video art. Each broadcast highlights the changing relationships between technology, ecology and society in daring new ways; it deals with interactions between human and non-human perspectives, new sensorial capabilities towards environmental topics, climate change, planetary infrastructure, worldbuilding, and speculative futures


On view until Sunday 1 November (2020)

Conference Session 1

Becoming Unstable

Conference Session 2

Posthuman Territories

Conference Session 3

Sensing Place | i.c.w. MA Ecology Futures

Hybrid Conference Session 4

Radical Streams | icw MIGRANT Journal

Hybrid Conference Session 5

Systems of Support

Instability Stream Screenings

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Instability Interviews

In conversation with the artists