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06 | 08 | 20

A generation of emerging artists and researchers present alternative perspectives for a changing planet:

Abdelrhman Hassan; Anab Jain; Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan; Angela Chan; Arif Kornweitz; Darko Lagunas & Theun Karelse; Holly Jean Buck; Irene Stracuzzi & Alice Wong; Kim Stanley Robinson; Michaele Büsse; Ruben Jacobs; Sébastien Robert; Sissel Marie Tonn; Suzanne Dhaliwal; Tega Brain; Thijs Ebbe Fokkens; Tivon Rice; Tom Burke; Sébastien Robert; Whitespace (Anni Nöps & Casimir Geelhoed).


Daily we are confronted with the devastating effects of humanity on our planet. The complexity and origin of these changes have been highlighted to a lesser extent. Climate change, the ecological crises and underlying social and economic inequalities are rapidly transforming living environments around the world into uninhabitable areas. The absolute necessity for change now seems to have penetrated many, but what do these changes look like? And most importantly, what adjustments to our thinking about the planet—including thinking about ourselves—are needed to follow this new path?

With the theme of Instability, FIBER Festival 2020 presents an artistic journey that responds to the transformative influence of mankind on earth. Through the lens of audiovisual art and artistic applications of technology, a generation of emerging artists offer a range of alternative perspectives for a changing planet. The festival aims to seek artistic narratives, skills and strategies to prepare us for a life in a period of uncertainty and radical instability.