Online Studio Visits: Xandra van der Eijk & TBA

Tuesday June 9, 20 PM (CEST)

27 | 05 | 20

With great pleasure we announce the return of our series of studio visits, yet in physically-distanced-accepted form: FIBER Online Studio Visits. These sessions are an unique opportunity to gain an insight to artistic making processes and learn about the wide variety of contemporary artistic practises in digital culture.

Leading up to the FIBER Festival 2020 we will visit two studios every month and explore with the creators their work processes and the way they adapt to the current COVID-19 reality. We will kick off this series on Tuesday June 9 and everyone from around the world is welcome.

The first guest in this new series comes from the FIBER network: researcher and designer Xandra van der Eijk (NL). Together with Van der Eijk, we have set up the Cartographies of the Vanishing Now project and she leads the MA programma Ecology Futures at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures from the AKV|St.Joost.

The first online visit will take place on Tuesday June 9, 20:00 – 21:30 (CEST).


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The series of studio visits run from June to September and are part of the pre-programme  for the upcoming FIBER Festival 2020 (September 24-27)

The pandemic reality

Now that the pandemic requires everyone to adapt their work modes, it is also an extremely challenging time for artists and designers. Normally the studio offers space for experimenting, prototyping and collaborating with others. How do they adapt now? What impact does COVID-19 have on their work and projects: in practice and in terms of content?

Xandra van der Eijk (NL)

Xandra van der Eijk is a Dutch artist and designer connecting art, ecology, and activism. She has developed a distinct research methodology demonstrated in a broad body of work. Incorporating theory, fieldwork, documentation methods and material development in her practice, she re-interprets the landscape from an anti-anthropocentric view. Each of her projects deals with a key ecological issue, and how it is exposed by the passing of time. Van der Eijk is a core tutor at the Masters Institute of Visual Cultures and affiliated researcher in the Biobased Art & Design Research Group, leading the new research pathway Ecology Futures. She’s part of FIBER’s Cartographies of the Vanishing Now project.