FIBER Festival 2020: Instability

16 | 04 | 20

Embracing uncertainty, FIBER Festival shares its new dates: September 24-27, 2020. Our theme is Instability.

After a moment of contemplation about the immense impact of COVID-19, we decided to continue the realisation of a festival edition that is in line with the current situation; where we don’t know how and where we stand as a society. Originally, our theme Instability was driven by the far-reaching consequences of the ongoing climate crises. Now, a new unexpected and deadly reality has merged with these subjects.

We are extremely aware of the anxiety, sadness and mourning that are dominating our thoughts now. We’re at the beginning of a long period that is going to affect many of us in different ways: the loss of life, the lack of income, economic instability, isolation and other uncertainties on the horizon. We acknowledge that this may not be the best of times to organise an event. Still, we want to contribute to the moment we now find ourselves in. FIBER does this by revealing emerging artistic practises, which seek to contribute to a new understanding of reality.

Currently the festival programme is still fluid in form, but if our theme is Instability, then we ourselves should embrace it and act. After all, we wanted ours to be a festival that did not only look towards the future, but rather to the present of a planet in crisis. FIBER festival brings together art, design, coding, music, and multisensory performances to enhance and diversify existing worldviews. We believe in its urgency, thus we will continue on September 24-27 by aligning to our new reality.

With the festival theme of Instability we explore new ways of adapting to an age of planetary and societal changes. What opportunities are open to artistic making and thinking to contribute to this transformation? Our living environment is often presented to us as stable and unquestionable. Landscapes, borders and technological infrastructures are considered static entities. Yet current crises now force us to transform the way we relate to our ecological surroundings. Extreme weather, droughts, wildfires and viruses are forces of nature that tear apart our modern way of living with far-reaching consequences.

The festival aims to seek artistic narratives, skills and sensibilities to prepare us for an alternative life in a period of uncertainty and radical instability.

Since we have to prepare for a new normal, our team is working on a programme in both physical and virtual form. In close collaboration with artists, partners and locations. We will share more information in the coming months.

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