Introducing the festival exhibition

07 | 07 | 20

The exhibition ‘Instability’ opens its doors on 24 September at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. The exhibition is part of the FIBER Festival (24-27 September 2020) and offers alternative ways to make the relationship with our planet and its geological and ecological processes tangible.

Every day we are confronted with the devastating effects of mankind on our planet. To a lesser extent, the complexity and origin of these changes is highlighted. Climate change, the ecological crises and underlying social and economic inequalities mean that living environments around the world are rapidly changing into unlivable areas.

With the exhibition Instability, FIBER presents a voyage of discovery that responds to man’s transformative influence on earth. The absolute need for change seems to have penetrated many, but what do these changes look like? And even more important: what changes are needed in our thinking about the planet – including thinking about ourselves – in order to take a new direction.

Through the lens of audiovisual art and artistic applications of technology, a generation of emerging artists offers an alternative view of the relationship between humans and their environment. They create stories, experiences and imaginations that invite us to question our position within the planet by imagining geological activities in new ways.

The exhibition will open its doors on Thursday 24 September at 5 pm at the Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2 in Amsterdam. From Friday  be visited daily from 11 am to 10 pm. Because we are allowed to receive a limited number of visitors per hour, visitors need to book a time slot.