Instability Perspectives: In Conversation with Vanessa Lorenzo

17 | 06 | 20

FIBER Festival 2020 will take place from 21–27 September.

With the festival theme of Instability, we explore new ways of adapting to an age of planetary and societal changes. Leading up to the event, we are investigating the unstable layers of four subdomains: Becoming Unstable, Sensing Place, Radical Streams and Posthuman Territories.

Within Posthuman Territories, we aim to investigate how artistic engineering can play a role in developing an inclusive and sustainable technological infrastructure. What invisible conflicts may emerge due to the changing landscape? Over the next few weeks, we begin our unstable journey by speaking with different artists whose work connects to these themes.

Kicking off this series is Vanessa Lorenzo (CH).

Vanessa Lorenzo is a researcher and trans-disciplinary designer based in Switzerland. Trained as a product design engineer and media designer, she focuses on objects that address intimate interdependencies between humans and the ecologies we are embedded in. Influenced by ethno-fiction, feminist theory and speculative design methodology, she creates scenarios embedding people, the more-than-human and the technologies that interweave them in order to enable odd sympathies and post-anthropocentric futures.

In an interview we spoke to Lorenzo about creating tools to subvert the Anthropocene, and storytelling with toxic matter and asteroids.

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