First names for FIBER Festival 2020

08 | 07 | 20

It is with great pleasure that we are launching the first names for FIBER Festival 2020. Through their thoughts, practices and creativity we will investigate the festival theme Instability. The theme explores new ways of understanding and adapting to an age of planetary and societal changes. Because what opportunities are open to artistic making and thinking to contribute to this transformation?

Writer and researcher Holly Jean Buck (US) shares her critical stance towards the promises of geo-engineering. Artist, engineer and coder Tega Brain (AU) speaks about redefining engineering to include possibilities for ecological thought. Electronic musician and artist Sébastien Robert (FR) researches indigenous music and rituals that are in danger of disappearing.

The Intimate Earthquake Archive by Sissel Marie Tonn (DK) turns seismic activity in an experience. Thijs Ebbe Fokkens’s (NL) Every Future (Is A Crime Scene) reflects on our belief in technological progress by excavating the future. Models For Environmental Literacy by Tivon Rice (US) explores how artistic AI’s could propose alternative perceptions of an environment.

As Above So Below by musicians Mark IJzermans (NL) and Sébastien Robert (FR) explores the changing landscape of La Araucanía region in south-central Chile through investigative visuals and sonic research. Wanderwelle (NL) performs their latest release.