26 September [SOLD OUT]

Mesmerizing audiovisual performances


Audiovisual Performance

On Saturday evening September 26, FIBER Festival 2020 presents a selection of audiovisual performances related to the festival theme Instability. Dutch duo Wanderwelle will celebrate their debut electro-acoustic performance ‘All Hands Bury the Cliffs at Sea’. French artist Sébastien Robert and Dutch media artist Mark IJzerman will premiere their latest work ‘As Above, So Below’.

From the changing landscapes of the La Araucanía region in south-central Chile through live visuals and sound, to wailing odes to an environment at risk by focusing on the dramatic effects caused by receding coastlines around the globe; the performance programme showcases experimental image-sound experiences that bring the transformations of the planet to life and make them audible in a sensory way.

Note: This is a seated setting.

Locations: De Brakke Grond
Dates & Times:
26 September | 8 pm – 10 pm CEST

Price: €10 [SOLD OUT]