Sébastien Robert


Sébastien Robert is a French sound artist, photographer and researcher based in The Hague. His artistic research project, You’re no Bird of Paradise, focuses on indigenous rituals and music that are in danger of disappearing due to technological, social and/or ecological problems. Rather than simply documenting them, his project aims to study their sound and visual characteristics, the context in which they are played, and to find ways to translate them into tangible works of art that will last over time.

Sebastien has performed in several international clubs such as DOMMUNE (Tokyo), Vurt (Seoul), Korner (Taipei), OHM (Berlin) and his collaborations have been presented in media art institutes such as STRP Biënnale (Eindhoven), Scopitone (Nantes), De School (Amsterdam) and Interstice (Caen).

Next to his participation in the festival conference, Sébastien Robert will perform the audiovisual piece As Above, So Below together with Mark Ijzerman. His work is also included in the festival exhibition.