Ruben Jacobs


What is the antidote to the capitalist world system that pursues growth at all costs, causing human exploitation and environmental destruction? Are there paths that lead to a post-capitalist society? Some say the answer is degrowth: a philosophy and movement of researchers, activists and artists who propose a radical organization of modern society. One that prioritizes social and ecological well-being instead of corporate profits and overproduction.

Cultural-sociologist and writer Ruben Jacobs is currently working on a new book about the degrowth phenomenon. He follows the movement from its emergence to its present forms. Jacobs also questions the feasibility of some radical principles and reflects on how degrowth principles could influence tomorrow’s culture and design.

Ruben Jacobs is a freelance writer and lecturer in Cultural Sociology & Philosophy at the Utrecht University of the Arts. In the past he worked as a journalist for Dutch public broadcast companies (VPRO, NTR), he completed a fellowship ‘Design and ethics’ at The New Institute in Rotterdam and published a book ‘Artonauten. Op expeditie in het Antropoceen’ (Artonauten. On expedition in the Anthropocene) and a series of interviews and articles on the relationship between the arts, the Anthorpocene and climate change.