FollyFeastLab – Yara Feghali & Viviane El-Kmati


FollyFeastLab is an experimental design studio based in Los Angeles, co-founded by Yara Feghali and Viviane El-Kmati. FollyFeastLab creates visually-led immersive and interactive experiences to address present social, urban and environmental themes. The duo will give an insight into the development of their most recent project Mediterranean Sea Diaries. It is an interactive documentary exploring the Anthropocene’s repercussions on the Mediterranean coast. The project imagines the future of post-human spaces like landfills and e-waste lands as a result of overproduction. These spaces are generated as a cautionary tale of the Mediterranean coast’s near future and are based on recent events around the politics of waste management leading Lebanon to dump its waste in the Mediterranean Sea. Through the eyes of surveillance drones, we watch Amal and her trained dogs roam around garbage searching for early versions of flip-phones that have become extremely valuable due to their impossibility of being tracked.


Viviane El-Kmati is a Lebanese narrative designer and creative technologist who works at the intersection of design, technology and speculative fiction. With her background in architecture and worldbuilding, her work imagines and prototypes the future of environments using new media and storytelling techniques.

Yara Feghali is a Lebanese architect and Principal of Folly Feast Lab, an experimental design studio based in Los Angeles and co-founded with Viviane El-Kmati. Her research work interrogates the territories of architecture, education and speculates on the role of emerging technologies in designing our environments using new media and storytelling techniques.