Nothing is forever. The cycles of growth and decomposition follow one another. Never before did we think that this would also apply to humanity itself. In the light of planetary climate change, we ask ourselves: what would the planet be without mankind? Would we be able to experience such a thing?

Amsterdam-based electronic music duo Wanderwelle presents their fourth full-length album titled ‘A State Of Decrepitude’. A soundtrack to humanity that once was. What can seem like closing credits to our world today, can in fact help shine a light on the fragile beauty we find in the everyday. Inspired by the many aspects of impermanence and facets of decay, the duo composed their most intrinsic and detailed production yet. One that is inseparable from our current global crises.

To find the right sounds for this expansive topic, a vast array of field recordings were collected. Wanderwelle recorded fragmented echoes in churches, broken machines at abandoned industrial spaces and the eroding forces of waves and winds. Furthermore, archival recordings were used to revive episodes of ruin from bygone eras that fell victim to the ravages of time. All are reminders of the temporality of man’s existence and its surroundings. It makes one aware of our short presence on Earth.


About the artists

Wanderwelle is Phil van Dulm and Alexander Bartels. After two successful albums on Silent Season and Semantica, the duo have applied their talents to create a mysterious soundtrack focussed on the countless faces of deterioration.