A Model of a Volcano (2020)


Climate change is a complex problem with multiple factors. Besides the man-made introduction of carbon to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, there are many phenomena on Earth which can induce climate variability. Both on a short and long term scale. Among these are volcanic eruptions, which have shaken and shaped our planet since the beginning of time. Historically, major eruptions have modified the global climate provoking cooling periods, commonly known as “volcanic winters”, or warmer ones. Not much is known about the relationship between man-induced climate change and volcanic phenomena, as it has not yet been made an object of large-scale scientific studies.


In this new work both designers present a selection of “geostories” about the past, present and future of eruptions, mixing archival information with speculative details. The volcano model also changes environmental conditions (by means of a projection) to interact with the stories, in order to offer an immersive storytelling experience.


About the Artists

Irene Stracuzzi (IT/NL)

Irene Stracuzzi is a designer and researcher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a graphic and information designer, Irene Stracuzzi is fascinated by cartography. Starting from the theme of disputed borders in the Arctic Ocean, her focus grew to encompass a range of themes from legal frameworks, data collection, border politics, natural resources and climate change. Irene approaches her interests through a rigorous research process that involves historical, scientific, and technological investigations and a strong ethics about the responsible use of data sets. Since 2018 she works as a design tutor at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Alice Wong (NL)

Alice Wong is a Story Designer based in Eindhoven and teaches at Design Academy Eindhoven in the department of MA Information Design as a Specialist Tutor. She translates research findings into a multi-perspective story. Her research question is rooted in understanding how reality is shaped. Her principal topic of interest is the intersection of biographical documentary, media and social phenomena.


The work has been developed within the context of the FIBER Festival 2020 exhibition