To Where The Dust Comes From (2019)


Whitespace presents an immersive, durational spatial sound installation titled ‘To Where the Dust Comes From’. Interpreting the festival’s theme instability as a constant state of transiency of reality, the work deals with sensibility towards unnoticeable change.

The spatial composition, based on archival material, unravels over three days, building upon a seamless succession of slow shifts and drawn-out deteriorations of sonic environments. Inside the installation, time seems to be seeping slowly. Transformations are inaudible yet perceivable as representations of fundamental, intangible forces: tension and trust, control and surrender, order and destruction, longing and looming, creeping, rotting, blossoming. The work makes use of an integrated hardware- and software system provided by 4DSOUND.


About the Artists

Whitespace is an ongoing sonic dialogue between Casimir Geelhoed and Anni Nöps. Carefully interlaced textures, ambiences and abstract sounds carve out intimate aural landscapes, drifting between soothing serenity and chaotic collapse. In addition to the duo’s sound works and radio shows, Whitespace curates an event series, presenting electronic listening music in an intimate setting.


This work is commissioned and presented in collaboration with RE:VIVE (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid). Supported by 4DSOUND.