Inspecting Material Unconsciousness (2020)

”Inspecting Material Unconsciousness” is an ongoing photographic research on infrastructural sites and places of land extraction. The work investigates such sites as places of a collective unconsciousness in constant making. These territories are often places of intense political debate. Places that contain matters and processes that our consciousness, by habit, prefers not to inspect; yet places that allure our gaze with uncanniness towards its vast altered landscapes. While on the other hand they embody the habitual problematic of infrastructures that support our contemporary mode of living, on the other, they are open wounds that our current capitalist condition inherently create on Earth. Under such conditions, the work portrays these places as images pertinent of our own subliminal mind and its entanglement to the material land we inhabit.

About the Artist

Luiz Zanotello (1986 Jundiaí, Brazil) is an artist and researcher living and working in Berlin. His work occurs within new media studies, often by conceiving new imaginaries of technology and exploring its narrative, material, and critical aspects. Through practice-based artistic research on digital materialities, he crafts electronic installations, machineries and territories for techno-imagination. In the past he has exhibited and given talks at festivals, galleries and institutions in Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Japan and United Arab Emirates; as well as worked with multiple studios within the design and technology sectors. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Digital Media from the University of the Arts Bremen, and he is currently an Assistant Professor for New Media at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK).