From Here We Go Extreme (2019)


From Here We Go Extreme is an extended music video by filmmaker and musician Tom Burke. Focussing on in a small village in Chile’s Coquimbo region, the film investigates the experience of a community whose land is being transformed by rapid desertification. Interviews play close attention to the unique knowledge and expertise that is generated through first hand experience of climatic transformation. The film began as response to a headline in a UK newspaper that described desertification as a ‘climate monster.’  Burke is critical of the ‘monstering’ of climate as it situates climate as something beyond human activity. The voices here describe climate as a set of entangled economic, industrial and cultural power relations.

Developed in collaboration with photographer Marcos Zegers, geographer and activist Nicolas Schneider, choreographer Eli Rodriguez and opera singer Stefanie Jansen the film stretches the language of the music video to include documentary, dance and opera as it explores collaborative  alternatives to the dominant language of western environmentalism and the ‘climate monster.’


About the Artist

Tom Burke is a filmmaker and musician. He activates new models of collaboration between music, film, theatre and philosophy. His work is often grounded in collaboration with community and institution.


Special thanks: The Comunidad Agricola de Penablanca, Un Alto en el Desierto, Marcos Zegers and the British Council.