Every Future (2020)


Can art offer us a space to contemplate fundamental questions about the future and our understanding of the reality we live in? With the work ‘Every Future (Is A Crime Scene) V’ the Dutch artist Thijs Ebbe Fokkens invites you to step into an excavation of the future. On the former Royal Dutch Shell site, now Tolhuistuin, he offers a space to reflect on our belief in technological progress and its infinity.

Shell, a specialist in the field of future scenarios, hid their knowledge about climate change for decades. By now we all know what their impact has been on this earth. Fitting in with the Tolhuistuin location that used to be the kingdom of one of the most polluting companies in fossil fuel extraction, Fokkens invites us to reflect on the impact and finiteness of narratives, utopian technology and certain ways of thinking about the future.


About the artist

The work of Thijs Ebbe Fokkens can be read as a story that alludes to scientific and religious endeavors that people undertake to get a grip on the world. This story combines drawings, photographs, models and installations, and derives from the desire to capture significance and the search for an ideal vantage point to do so; to get a good look at notions about ourselves, our tech, nature, time and other narratives.

To orientate and position oneself in regard to such complex notions a view is needed that takes a lot of things into account simultaneously. Fokkens’ trail of thoughts and actions thus ends up creating a space, not stating a point. Altogether it promises to provide the means to reflect, contemplate, speculate and wonder.

The Intimate Earthquake is presented in collaboration with Warming Up Festival and Tolhuistuin. Visiting days: FIBER Festival from Sept 24-27/9 in the garden of the Tolhuistuin. Afterwards it’s part of Warming Up Festival
(Oct 12-22).


Every Future (Is A Crime Scene) V is commissioned by FIBER Festival in collaboration with Highlight Festival. It has also been made possible with support of Stroom Den Haag.
| Photo: Johan Nieuwenhuize