Chapter I – Landscape (2019)


In the year 4006, the 25th clone of a human finds a 3D Scan in a data set. After a big crisis on earth, almost all archives have been destroyed and only oral history persists. Where did this fragment come from? Sometimes it looks like a landscape, present in the current world but somehow different, sometimes like a plant. And then there are the memories. The procedure of cloning failed to transfer them coherently. There are flashbacks of a flood and a big crisis that nobody really knows of how it unfolded, but changed the world forever. Nature, in the end, does not care about crises. It is the landscape that we shaped and see as our existential basis.


About the Artists

Vanessa Opoku (DE)
Coming from a gaming background, Vanessa Opoku spent most of her teen years driving cars through virtual landscapes and being fascinated by the perception of reality that open-world games provided. Today, the possibilities of documenting and conserving objects, scenes and people with photography, film and 3D scanning is always connected to the question of remembrance, the future and how society deals with questions of agency. Within her artistic work, Vanessa Opoku explores the ways we can make radical changes in the perception of our world, reality and all living beings in it, finding alliances between art, research and technology. Vanessa Opoku lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Lion Sauterleute (DE)
Lion Sauterleute – otherwise known as Hirundoaves – is an independent artist and designer based in Leipzig, Germany. Working predominantly as a freelancer within the city’s thriving underground electronic music community, Lion utilises a plethora of digital techniques to create surrealist, three-dimensional designs. Sauterleute works with various international music/art organisations like FOLD (UK) and Spielraum (NL).

This work has been created with the support of FIBER. It was part of the Cartographies of the Vanishing Now Lab 2019. The work was made in collaboration with Cinnamon Ducasse (voiceover).

Made possible by Goethe Instituut.