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FIBER Festival

A new generation of interdisciplinary makers and thinkers

Since its inaugural edition in 2011 at club Trouw in Amsterdam, FIBER Festival brings together hybrid art and music’s lovers, professionals and newcomers to experience the latest developments in digital culture and experimental audiovisual performing arts.

The programme offers a stage to a new generation of interdisciplinary makers and thinkers who work between the fields of performative arts, club culture, creative coding and (artistic) research. FIBER Festival is above all a meeting place for sharing new views and experiences.



The festival is characterized by its open, narrative-based yet critical approach to often complex issues between technology and society. Developments that are highlighted include the impact and artistic possibilities of radical technologies such as artificial intelligence, the possibilities of speculation and worldbuilding, the development of artistic tools and the interactions between technological and planetary ecosystems.


Festival Theme 2020


With the festival theme of Instability we explore new ways of understanding and adapting to an age of planetary and societal changes. Linked to the urgency of climate change and ecological crisis, this year FIBER is looking for new insights, non-human ways of thinking and possible strategies in order to perceive our world in alternate ways. We ask: what opportunities are open to artistic making and thinking to contribute to this transformation? 

Our living environment is often presented to us as stable and unquestionable. Landscapes, borders and technological infrastructures are considered static entities. Yet current crises now force us to transform the way we relate to our ecological surroundings. Extreme weather, droughts, wildfires and viruses are forces of nature that tear apart our Western way of living with far-reaching consequences.


It is impossible for many of us to get to grips with such vast developments, which often take place on non-human dimensions of time, scale and matter. Could art play a role in materialising the complex reality of our planet and this provide us with much needed new ways of thinking. The festival aims to seek artistic narratives, skills and sensibilities to prepare us for an alternative life in a period of uncertainty and radical instability.



De Brakke Grond
Conference 25-26 September

A hidden gem in the city centre. From 2013 on, De Brakke Grond has been the home to FIBER’s conference and lecture programmes. Also this year the lectures will take place here, which can be followed both physically and online. The programme takes place on Friday 25/9 and Saturday 26/9. With our online-first approach you can explore the festival topics from your couch.

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Conference 25-26 September

The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 by a British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, while working at CERN. The Web was originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for automated information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world. Today it is used to host online conferences. 

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Exhibition 24-27 September

The festival exhibition will be presented for the first time in the Tolhuistuin: inside and outside. The former Shell terrain is a fitting place to present art with a new perspective on our planet. The Tolhuistuin is a cultural, artistic and culinary meeting place in the new heart of Amsterdam and offers a platform for urban makers to tell new stories through a multitude of disciplines.

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We need your support to make it happen!

To realize the 2020 edition we need talented and inspiring volunteers to help us organize the conference, exhibition and closing music programme. Would you like to gain experience in setting up and developing a digital culture festival? Then sign up!



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