• FIBER Festival 2020

    24 – 27 September
    Amsterdam / Online

FIBER Festival 2020

24 – 27 September

FIBER Festival is an Amsterdam based festival that showcases contemporary digital culture, audiovisual art, speculative design and forward thinking music culture to enhance other worldviews.

Through the lens of the arts the festival reflects upon the ever shifting impact of technology on society and the environment. We explore these topics collectively through lectures, installation art, performances and by learning from pioneering creative making-processes.




With the theme Instability the 2020 festival invites a new generation of interdisciplinary makers and thinkers, who each offer a new perspective on the relationship between humans and their environment. They create stories and experiences that invite us to question our position within the planet, addressing climate change and geological activities in new ways.

Join us for alternative perspectives on our radically instable 21st century world.

Meet the participants

Hybrid Conference
With: Abdelrhman Hassan; Anab Jain; Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan; Angela Chan; Arif Kornweitz; Darko Lagunas & Theun Karelse; Holly Jean Buck; Kim Stanley Robinson; Michaele Büsse; Ruben Jacobs; Sébastien Robert; Suzanne Dhaliwal; Tega Brain.


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With: Irene Stracuzzi & Alice Wong, Sissel Marie Tonn, Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Tivon Rice, Tom Burke, Sébastien Robert, Whitespace (Anni Nöps & Casimir Geelhoed).

With: Mark IJzermans & and Sébastien Robert; Wanderwelle.

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